The purpose of this forum

Rhize is a community spread around the world.

We share the common platform, but work within different organizations on different projects, oftern using different methodologies to achieve different objectives.

As an organization, we have chosen to take the ‘InnerSource’ approach to how we manage collaboration and communication across the community.

InnerSource takes the lessons learned from developing open source software and applies them to the way companies develop software internally. As developers have become accustomed to working on world class open source software, there is a strong desire to bring those practices back inside the firewall and apply them to software that companies may be reluctant to release. For companies building mostly closed source software, InnerSource can be a great tool to help break down silos, encourage internal collaboration, accelerate new engineer on-boarding, and identify opportunities to contribute software back to the open source world

This forum is the place were we:

  • break down silos
  • encourage internal collaboration
  • accelerate new engineer on-boarding
  • identify opportunities to contribute back to the open source world.

The goal of this forum is to move all of the technical conversations that exist in Slack into this forum so that the conversations are searchable and more easily organised.

Learn more about InnerSource here
and InnerSource Patterns here
and the pattern for communication tooling here Communication Tooling | 🇺🇸 English | Patterns - Production